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Nail care is a common procedure needed by visitors to beauty salons as well as offices. With the development of the cosmetic industry, the increased demand for service, the need for the use of hardware to treat the surface of the nails appeared.

A special vacuum cleaner for manicure and pedicure is considered to be one of the main tools for cosmetologists’ work. Because the procedure to cover the nail plate with a special gel can not be made perfectly clear, it is necessary to carry out sawing off the excess elements, grinding the surface.

Manicure vacuum cleaners are ventilating and retractable devices located in the working area of the cosmetologist. The purpose of the device is to protect the specialist as well as the visitor from microparticles of acrylic, gel, to prevent the likelihood of eye disease, respiratory problems, allergic reactions to the material used.

Choose the best hood for manicure and pedicure – a very serious task, which must be approached very seriously, because this will depend on the comfort and quality of your work. If the device will have low power, an uncomfortable vibrating handle, and a few other drawbacks, the jewel-like treatment of your nails will not work. Do not be shy and do not be afraid to check the device, in stores confidently ask questions to consultants.

The main element of the device is the fan, which is powered by an electric motor. The hood works due to the fan, which sucks out all unnecessary things. The rotation of the fan blades creates a vacuum. As a result, the air is sucked in, capturing with it the dust particles that remain in the dust bag.

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How to choose a manicure vacuum cleaner?

Dustbags can be reusable or disposable. Reusable bags require regular cleaning. Disposable dust bags need to be replaced as they fill up.

vacuum cleaner for manicure

Types of manicure vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners for a manicure by type of design come in the following main types:

  • extractor;
  • mini-vacuum cleaner;
  • floor models;
  • high power hoods.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of each of these types of extraction devices.

Manicure hood

This is a device in a plastic case, in which a high-powered fan is installed. The best manicure hoods work with a minimum noise level, maintaining comfortable conditions in the salon. The pollutant particles removed from the air remain in the dust collector, which is replaced with a new bag when it is full. A good reusable manicure dust bag can also be used, which is cleaned as it fills up. The efficiency of such models reaches almost 100%.


Hoods are divided into two types – recessed and portable.

A built-in model is a device built into the desk of a manicurist. The front panel is located horizontally or at a slight angle for optimal air suction. The fan is covered by a protective grille for safety.

The advantages of recessed manicure hoods:

  • significant power;
  • minimal vibration;
  • convenience in operation.

The disadvantage of such models is a rigid attachment to the place of installation with the impossibility of moving. Therefore, before choosing a suitable model of the vacuum cleaner for manicure of this type is recommended to well think about the placement of furniture and equipment in the hall salon. In particular, the table with the hood must stand near the power outlet.

Table vacuum cleaner for a manicure – a compact device with a vertically mounted fan, closed the protective grid.

The advantages of such models include:

  • small size;
  • portability;
  • stylish design.

The disadvantage can be called a small power level, which reduces the efficiency of dust extraction.

Built-in hoods

One of the innovations on the market is the recessed cooker hood. A fan that is built right into the table copes perfectly with the tasks assigned to it. If you buy a good brand-name model, it will last more than one year with timely cleaning and care.

Mini vacuum cleaners for manicures

In the rating of manicure vacuum cleaners, a special place is occupied by mini extractors. These are small-sized devices that can be used as overlays on the manicure machine, they can be attached to lighting fixtures, desk chairs and other items of the working interior.

Compactness, portability, ease of installation and operation are the main advantages of such models.

Minus mini-vacuum cleaners is the low power of this equipment.

Floor vacuum cleaner for manicure

If you are selecting a vacuum cleaner in a beauty salon with a large number of clients served, you need to pay attention to the floor models of extraction devices. The body of the vacuum cleaner is installed in a convenient area, and the air is extracted from the workplace through special corrugated hoses.

The advantages of floor models include:

  • high power;
  • higher cleaning efficiency;
  • the possibility of using for any technique of hardware manicure.

Among the disadvantages are increased power consumption, significant size, the complexity of placement.

Manicure extractor with high power

This category includes the most powerful manicure vacuums. They are able to remove a significant amount of dust in a few seconds. Disadvantages are similar to the disadvantages of the models of the previous category – the large size of the device, increased power consumption, possible inconvenience of placement in the interior.

How to choose the right extractor for manicure?

First of all, you should focus on such criteria: the largest area that the device can capture, so as not to interfere with neither you nor the client, the possible background noise, the best continuous activity time, and the ability to change filters.

To understand how to choose a productive and economical manicure vacuum cleaner for your home or salon, you need to consider the main parameters of this equipment:

  • Power characteristics. Class of equipment determines what the rated power should be a professional vacuum cleaner for manicures. To work at home or in a small salon environment is enough to power 30-50 watts. For use in a large salon need more powerful models.
  • Performance. For effective dust extraction performance should be at least 300 cubic meters per hour.
  • Fan speed. The recommended indicator is 2600-2800 rpm.
  • The level of noise at work. The best extractors for manicure and pedicure at high efficiency work as quietly as possible, without creating discomfort in the salon.
  • Grid mesh size. For safety and protection from falling into the fan blades of foreign objects, it is better to choose models with a shallow grid.
  • Power cord length. It is recommended to select the length according to the distance to the socket, taking into account a small margin.
  • Additional functions such as air purification, disinfection, odor removal, etc.

Nail Dust Collector

Manicure vacuum cleaner which company is better?

The manicure vacuum cleaner market is almost completely occupied by Chinese brands. If you need good and high-quality equipment, we recommend you to pay attention to the products of the firm MelodySusie, it is the market leader, a proven and high-quality manufacturer. Not bad vacuum cleaners for manicure brand MAKARTT.

Among Chinese extractors are good products for amateur manicure: AONOLOVO, BRANTMAKER, JUTTIRA, XBERSTAR, L’UGX. As a rule, they have a capacity of fewer than 50 watts and are not equipped with serious functionality. But their price starts at $30! Buy such a hood “for yourself” is possible, but keep in mind that its resource is usually enough only for infrequent home manicures.

Nail Dust Collector

What manicure vacuum cleaner is better to buy?

Choosing a manicure vacuum cleaner is not easy, you need to take into account many parameters and “guess” which of them are really useful to you. For personal use does not make sense to buy an expensive device, instead consider one of the compact and budget-friendly desktop models. A beginner will benefit from a more productive tabletop hood of a larger size. Finally, for a salon with a high volume of visitors, there is nothing like a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner to catch large amounts of dust. Choose a quality vacuum cleaner for a manicure, and our rating will help in this! Have a good purchase!


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