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Facial steam bath: sweating for a pure and radiant skin

To cleanse the face even more effectively, we are now expanding our cleansing ritual to include a tried-and-tested cleansing method: the facial steam bath. The home spa treatment is an insider tip for beauty lovers who value pure and radiant skin. No wonder, because the hot facial treatment says skin impurities, pimples, and blackheads the fight.

While the steam opens the pores and loosens the sebum, the plant oils and additives in the water have an antiseptic and cleansing effect on the one hand and an anti-inflammatory and healing effect on the other.

This effectively prevents pimples and blackheads. We give you the most important facts and show you products that are perfect for a facial steam bath.

Traditional steam baths, such as the oriental hammam, have long been known for their cleansing and relaxing effect. This is because the high humidity and warm temperatures not only ensure that toxins are sweated out, but also stimulate circulation and get the whole body working at full speed. The facial steam bath works in the same way but also ensures a beautification of the skin and a purer complexion.

For The Additional Care

The facial steam bath can be refined with special additives such as dried leaves, teas, essences, or oils to provide the skin with, particularly intensive care.

  • Chamomile has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect that is especially good for stressed, reddened, and blemished skin. To do this, simply add two bags of chamomile tea or dried chamomile flowers to the water.
  • Sage is also anti-inflammatory and has a disinfecting effect — especially recommended for pimples and blemish-prone skin. Dried leaves or sage tea turn the water into a beautiful elixir.
  • Another favorite: tea tree oil. It is particularly effective at removing toxins from the skin and has a disinfecting effect. For stressed and stressed skin, but also for skin with blackheads.
  • Calendula soothes, heals, and cleanses very dry skin.
  • Grapefruit slices or oil and honey can tighten the skin and have a rejuvenating effect.
  • Rosemary has an invigorating effect and promotes blood circulation in the skin. As an essential oil, it has a disinfecting effect and reduces the formation of new skin impurities.

Then rinse the face with cold water to remove the sebum excreted. At the same time, the water closes the pores.

Even better: After the heat, clean the face with a suitable toner and apply a rich face mask directly.

The skin can now absorb the high-quality ingredients of the mask particularly well. Healing masks are very suitable to support the cleansing effect of the facial steam bath. They contract the pores and have a calming effect.

oils for face steamingFor which skin type is the facial steam bath suitable?

In general, a facial steam bath is suitable for all skin types, as it can address different skin needs with the right additives. Combination and impure skin should relax in the facial steam bath for about three to five minutes with warm moisture. Oily skin can tolerate the treatment the longest — here the benchmark is ten minutes at high heat. For dry skin, less is more. A maximum of three minutes at low heat is quite sufficient here.

Anyone with sunburn, herpes, fresh scars, or rosacea would do better to avoid a steam bath.

Essential oils for blemished skin and pimples

What effect do essential oils have?

Through essential oils, we can do so much in our bodies! They have an incredible number of positive effects on our bodies. Different types of plants have different effects. Thus, the oil extracted from them can also have either a calming, regenerating, protective, or even immune-boosting effect. Oils are lipid-soluble and have a small molecular size. This allows them to quickly penetrate the skin and act on every cell in our body within 20 minutes. Isn’t that amazing? The oils contain the full life force of the plant and with this power have a psychological and physical effect. Like other nutrients, the oils absorbed through the skin are broken down normally in the body.

TIP 1: The tea tree oil

This oil can be obtained by steam distillation from stalks. It can be applied directly to the skin in diluted form for acne, pimples, and blemished skin. A facial steam bath with tea tree oil also works great! Tea tree oil helps so effectively against skin impurities because its effect is anti-inflammatory, and it has active ingredients that act against bacteria. It is also a very tissue-friendly oil and is therefore super suitable for use on the skin.

How to use tea tree oil in a steam bath

  1. Bring 1 liter of water to a boil in a saucepan and place in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Add 5 drops of tea tree oil
  3. Now hold your face over it with enough distance and put a towel over your head and the bowl to keep the steam from escaping
  4. Use for 5 minutes
  5. The steam bath will open your pores, allowing the tea tree oil to penetrate your skin, cleanse it, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

Caution: Please pay attention to the compatibility and test the oil first selectively on your skin 8e.g.: on your arm) before you make a steam bath. Also, use the tea tree oil only in the evening, as it can lead to skin discoloration due to sun exposure.

steaming for face skin care

TIP 2: Juniper berry oil in a steam bath

This has a very strong cleansing, detoxifying, healing, and soothing effect. So first the skin is cleansed, then the wound can heal, and the redness is relieved. Juniper berry is perfect for our skin! It is also more suitable for oily skin.

As described above for tea tree oil, you can also use the steam bath for juniper berry oil. Simply follow the instructions. You can repeat this twice a week. Redness and irritation of the skin will be relieved.

TIP 3: Lavender oil

Lavender has the property to regenerate cells and support the skin in healing scars. Especially with acne is often pressed around the skin and you promote skin inflammation, also scars can occur. Lavender helps the skin to regenerate and prevent scars.

How to use lavender oil in a steam bath

As described above for tea tree oil, you can also use lavender oil as a steam bath. Just follow the instructions. You can repeat this twice a week. Redness and irritation of the skin will be relieved.

Essential oils and their properties for the face

NameUseful properties
RoseMoisturizes the skin of the face, increasing its elasticity. It helps to smooth wrinkles, get rid of acne and post-acne. It is optimal for enriching creams for the care of dry and sensitive skin.
Citrus fruits (orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, and so on).They contain a large amount of vitamins C, A, B. Promote cell regeneration and prolong the youthfulness of the skin.
BasilIt is a natural tonic, which, in addition, has antibacterial and stimulating effects.
Anise, clove, bergamot, juniperIncreases the elasticity of the skin. These oils are also widely used in the treatment of acne, as they have the strongest antiseptic action.
Ylang-ylang, lavenderSlows down the process of skin aging, and stimulates cell regeneration. These essential oils have proven especially good for facial skin in need of additional toning.
PeppermintRefreshes the complexion and awakens the skin.
RosemarySuccessfully used to care for oily skin prone to acne.

These are only the most popular essential oils. The table of uses can also be supplemented with a long list. Each of the oils contains terpinoids, which improve the oxygenation of skin cells, thus making the skin beautiful and smooth. Sesquiterpenes, which are also contained in concentrated esters, are responsible for protection against the adverse effects of the environment. In addition to all the aforementioned beneficial properties, essential oils have a pleasant fragrance, so the procedure of their application turns into aromatherapy, which gives pleasure.

Make facial steam bath yourself

If you have blemished skin, blackheads, or pimples on your face, clogged pores may be the cause. There is a suitable solvent for this: a facial steam bath! This opens the pores and the sebum can flow off better. You can easily make the steam bath yourself at home.

For this you need:

  • Approx. 1 liter of water.
  • Pot or another heat-resistant container.
  • Additives as desired.
  • Towel.

Instructions for a facial steam bath

  1. First, cleanse your face of dirt and makeup so it can best benefit from the steam bath.
  2. Bring the water to a boil.
  3. Then either pour it from the kettle into a heatproof bowl or keep it in the pot.
  4. If desired, add additives and let them steep for a while.
  5. Sit directly in front of your hot water and place your towel over your head.
  6. Bend over the bowl or pot and keep a distance of about 30 centimeters, so that it still feels comfortable for you.
  7. Close your eyes and let the pleasant steam rise into your face for about ten to 15 minutes.
  8. Finally, rinse your face with cool water and dry your skin.

To make the application at home yourself is quite easy and requires only a few materials. In addition, there are devices on the market that can be used as a facial steam bath. Sometimes they are also called facial sauna, steamer, or steamer. Find out for yourself what works best for you!

How To Get Glowing Skin With DIY Green Tea Facial Steam — Video

Oils for Face Steaming — FAQ

❓ Is steam good for face daily?

Yes, steaming your face is great for your skin, just make sure you do it right. We recommend steaming your face at least twice a week for 5-10 minutes at a time.

❓ Should I steam my face before or after a bath?

Wash your face while the water is heating up. Removing makeup and dirt is a must before steaming because steaming opens up your pores, and anything on your face will be able to get inside and cause irritation or pimples to occur. After washing your face, pat it dry with a towel.

❓ Should I scrub my face after steaming?

Once the skin is prepared after steam, get onto the exfoliation. It’s one of the most critical steps to remove dead skin cells and clean pores. Take a gentle face scrub and apply it to the wet face. Massage your face gently in a circular motion for a minute and wash off.

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